Pressing the button

… a shock wave shakes the water in the pool. Then everything is calm and you swim back to the surface to get some air.

When you get out of the water you realise that something has changed around you… The people seem different, the shape of the pool itself and that big hotel in front of you… it wasn’t there before! One of the bathers sees your surprised face and explains that it is the Nautilus, one of several hotels where you can stay in the village.

Not only that, the stranger tells you. In the village there is also a multitude of nightclubs, discos and restaurants offering food, music and entertainment seven days a week. «It’s impossible to get bored here!» he concludes and hands you a night club card. Strange, isn’t it? This is not the image you had of this peaceful little northern town.


The invitation

If you want to find out what is going on, you must enter a four-digit combination. Look carefully at the card that the stranger has given you…