The castle beach

Image 4. Bajamar 1910. Image from Guillermo de la Barreda’s file from Diario de Avisos

End of the 18th century. The coast of Bajamar was very different then. Here was one of the jetties of Tejina, a settlement founded by Portuguese families where they developed the cultivation of sugar cane and vineyards. 

In order to prevent attacks and robberies by pirates and to control the smuggling of goods, a military fortification was built in 1771: the Batería y Cortadura de Tejina, popularly known as the Bajamar’s Castle.

This is the reason why the beach of Bajamar is also known as Playa del Castillo=Castle Beach.  The structure was destroyed after a violent storm that hit the island in 1826 and nowadays there is no trace of its presence.



A picture of the team!

You must go to a bench with the word “Bajamar” on the back and take a picture with it with the whole team! Once you’ve done it, you can press the following button.