The Grand Power Chapel

Image 5: Grand Power Chapel, 20th Century. Image from the La Laguna Ahora blog: 

A century has passed again: you are at the end of the 19th century.

The chapel in front of you was built in 1881 for a village that, at that time, lived from agriculture and whose drinking water springs were outstanding. People from the area of Tacoronte and Valle de Guerra used to come here on foot, on horseback or by camel to fetch water. Years later, the square where you are now standing was built in front of the hermitage, designed for a population of around 200 inhabitants.


Between the sea and the sky

Stand in the middle of the square looking at the chapel. From there you must find the name of the animal that lives between the sea and the sky. Look for the name on the walls that surround you. If you need help you can always ask locals…

What is the name of that animal?