Palm tree and farming crops

Image 7. Main road. Old pictures of Tenerife. 

This time the trip was short: 1966. We are in the years when Bajamar took off as a reference point for tourism. If you turn your back to the town center you will see the foothills of the Anaga mountains in front of you. 

After the conquest, large agricultural estates were created in this area which, with different crops (vines, potatoes, millet, cotton and finally the famous banana plantations), constituted the main economic activity for centuries and before the arrival of tourism.


Canarian palmtree

The Canarian Palmtree, always grows where there is underground water. This native plant has a very funny name in latin. It certainly connects with the history of Bajamar… Could you tell me which one it is?

P _ _ _ _ _ _     canariensis

 If you are not a botanical expert, you can look for the QR code in the windows of the citizen center.