The Paella

Bajamar’s Grand Paella 1969. Old pictures of Tenerife

You are in 1969. Right where you are standing, on a plot of land on the corner of El Barco street, a special event took place during the Grand Power local celebrations in 1969: the great paella of Bajamar. A paella for 5.000 people which broke the Guinness record. Only 4 years later a bigger paella was held again, this time for 10.000 people.


The Paella

To make a paella of such a size it took a large amount of ingredients… But wait, to unlock the historical video that will allow you to learn more about paella, you have to find the two missing words in this image first

You have to look around. Be careful with the trafic

What are the two words?

_ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _ _


A Kg of rice ; B litres of oil; C Kg of squid; D chicken.