Foreigners in Bajamar

Portrait of Alexander von Humboldt

The machine is working again! However, it has gone out of tune, you are in 1799.  

There are rumours that a famous German naturalist has arrived on the island of Tenerife: Alexander Von Humboldt.   During this time many foreigners have arrived on these islands, usually making use of the prevailing winds which are called trade winds. 

You are now in Marianne’s Corner, the name of one of the most famous pools in the area (small lagoons that form in the rocky intertidal zone). It is said that there was also a brackish spring here which was thought to have curative properties. The name may come from a foreign woman (German, French, English?) who, in the 19th century, bathed regularly in this pool.


The Atlantic lights

Numerous lighthouses were built along the coast to aid navigation. The one in Bajamar is not functional, but the one in Punta del Hidalgo is.  Only when you see them perfectly aligned (one behind the other), they mark the direction of the wind. 

Then, could you tell me exactly from which direction (in degrees) the winds are coming from?   

Need a compass?, you don’t have the app on your mobile? You can use this online compass to get your bearings

Which direction are the winds coming from?