An oasis of life in the desert

When naturalists first arrived on Tenerife, they could not understand how, being so close to the Sahara desert, the island of Tenerife contained so much forest and vegetation.  The amount of rainfall was simply not enough to sustain such an ecosystem.  

Explorers like Humboldt realised that the trade winds were laden with moisture from the ocean. Moisture that hits the mountains of Tenerife and rises in height.  Every 100 metres that the cloud rises, the temperature decreases by one degree Celsius, so that from 700 metres upwards, all that cloud condenses into water which is captured by the vegetation, drips to the ground and fills the island’s numerous aquifers.   

Look again to the northeast, because it is from there, from those winds, that all life comes to this island.

An oasis of life in the desert


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