The night of April 10-11, 1977

As you have read, on the night of 10-11 April 1977 there was a heavy storm in Tenerife. In Bajamar, the rain caused a huge avalanche that covered the center of the village and the swimming pools with rocks. 

With summer just around the corner, the big tour operators decided to look for other destinations for the following tourist season: the new tourism would head south towards Los Cristianos.

Moreover, as we have seen, a new type of tourism had already begun to take shape in recent years, which stayed less time on the island and searched for other ways of spending their holidays: sun and beach. A way of life based on tourism was disappearing from Bajamar… 

What the water had brought, the water took away.

When the water recedes, among the debris, you find this paper. It is the last element for your travel notebook. 

Keep it safe, you’ll need it.



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