Fonda’s square

Bar-restaurante ‘El Sheriff’

You are approaching the present: it is 1965.  In front of you is the first building dedicated to local tourism: the “Fonda de Bajamar”, opened in 1899. Here you could eat and spend the night for four pesetas a day.

The building passed through several owners until in 1965 Domingo Martín, the ‘Sheriff’, opened the doors of what was once a popular eating house. This square was also an important place in the history of the town, as it became a meeting point where dances and open-air dances were held.

Speaking about celebrations and music. ¡Ay, Bajamar! Is probably the most known song that refers to the town. It was popularised by the Canarian group Los Huaracheros, who have a street that starts on this very square.


Music, dances and open-air dances

Listen to the chorus of the song. Now… Are you able to reproduce the melody of the main phrase «Ay, Bajamar»? To do so, you must first listen to the song and then try to find the correct notes:

  • G G#
  • A A#
  • B
  • C C#
  • D D#
  • E
  • F F#
  • G G#

_  _  C#  _  _ 


If you find this riddle difficult to solve, here is an alternative one: