Well done!

Image 7: Carballo or El Conde well, Lercaro family crop. 

Captured from the documentary “Bajamar: memory’s territory”

Congratulations! In front of you is the beautiful palm grove of Bajamar with its numerous specimens of Canary Island palm trees (Phoenix canariensis), one of the most important plant elements of our islands. If you look closely, near the palm trees there is a white building. It is the Carballo or El Conde well, which facilitated access to water on the estate.


As a reward for your good eye you receive a double prize, a new souvenir and this invitation to the town’s celebration of Bajamar.

Bajamar’s town’s celebration sign. Own image

Travel notebook

New memories in your travel notebook! Click on the image to collect them

Remember, in the upper bar, in inventory, you can see the travel notebook whenever you want

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